Since its establishment in 1992, REMOZA has been dealing with the production, reconstruction, mounting and demounting of metal constructions as its main business activities, as well as maintenance and repair of technological units and maintenance of machinery. Naturally, this also includes all the works associated with this type of activity, such as turnery, milling, horizontal cutter operations, small building production and, of course, transport services.

We hire a highly qualified welding, installation and maintenance staff with state examination certificates for electric arc welding, oxy-gas welding and CO shielded arc welding.

During the term of our operation, we managed to continuously enhance and re-evaluate our production, as is evident from our references. Our company has its own production and office premises based in Ličartovce.



  • Architectural and static design, production and installation of steel structures and hall systems
  • Architectural and static design, production and installation of lightweight hall systems,
  • Sheathing and roofing of halls and industrial complexes,
  • Reconstruction and redesigning of industrial halls and complexes,
  • Maintenance of machinery and reconstruction of heavy crushing and mining equipment,
  • Production and installation of elevator shafts,
  • Production of steel constructions for Extruders for the production of PVC foils,
  • Production and installation of arc halls according to clients´ requirements,
  • Locksmithery works, steel half span roofs, staircases, entrance porches, roof and supporting, frames, air conditioning and installations, electrical poles and antenna repeaters, advertising, pylons and billboards, summer terraces and other,
+ hall systems

 1994 – 2001 Division Plant KOKSOVŇA – U.S.STEEL KOŠICE Contract supplier for the provision of machinery maintenance and operation of conveyor belt galleries and their equipment, replacement of technical grids, maintenance of conveyor belts, regular and emergency repairs.

1994 – VULKMONT A.S. KOŠICE Repairs and maintenance of technological units.

1994 – U.S.STEEL KOŠICE Repairs of division plants.

2001 – 2002 TESCO IN PREŠOV AND POPRAD Supplier of steel constructions.

2001 – CHEMKOSTAV PSJ MICHALOVCE Sub-supplier of locksmithery and welding works.

City Part KOŠICE SOUTH Supplier of locksmithery works (repair of staircases, half span roofs, fencing at children´s playgrounds and similar services).

Police Corps of the SR in PREŠOV Production of bars, fences, iron gates, ramps, kennels, doors.

LPH VRANOV NAD TOPĽOV Complete reconstruction of the production hall roof.

ZMOS (Association of Towns and Cities of Slovakia) - TREBIŠOV, KOŠICE, HURBANOVO, PREŠOV Producer and supplier of arc halls.

PLAST, SPOL.S.R.O. Production of steel construction for Extruder for the production of PVC foils. Repair of a production hall roof. Production of constructions for semi-trailers.

RADIO VÝCHOD Production of a demountable stage.

2006 CAR BAZAR AUTO ALLES PREŠOV Reconstruction of arc hall and production and installation of advertising billboard with the height of 18 m – Prešov, Trenčín.

2006 MECOM A.S. HUMENNÉ Production and installation of advertising billboard 36 x 17 m.

2006 TOPSTAV SPOL.S.R.O. Supplier of complex locksmithery and welding works for the reconstruction of the Police Corps Headquaters in the district of Humenné (sliding entrance gate, garage gates, kennels, division bars, window and door bars, armoured door, staircases and other.

2006 BETAMONT SPOL.S.R.O. Production and delivery of locksmithery products for highway construction.

VARIOUS Summer terraces – individual orders, production and renting of “Party tents”.